Resume/CV Read this before you rush out and send one

From my research in the UK they call it a curriculum vitae or CV. In the States, it’s known as a résumé. In Australia / New Zealand we call them either CV or Resume.

This one page two page three page document summarises all your qualifications, professional experience and work history and is an essential requirement if you want to land that job.

Did you even consider this :

A résumé can also reach out to the employer with everything they need to reject you.

Consider this, once you send of your résumé, I often hear people say, “oh, they’re missing this or they’re missing that,” and yes BOOM, you’re out. I have my own style as a Professional Recruitment Specialist, I still, to this day do not send resumes to my clients to pick one. Yes I get to know my people my potential candidates/job seekers. We get to know the person, pick up the phone and find out all about them, ask the questions. I still do require a document formatted to give me details of career history and qualifications but it is not my decision maker.

Did you know many large recruitment firms run a programme where if you don’t have keywords in your resume the machine declines you. Now in my 14th year of recruitment NO WAY would I want to see any of my candidates knocked back because the machine told them the resume didn’t have the right key words.

So before you rush and get yourself a resume, here are my personal tips for you. Yes have a document with the correct details facts available. When you are going through a recruiter who sees multiple resumes a day and gives each resume maybe 6 seconds, pick up the phone and call them as well, state wide, world-wide we can still call with all the fabulous technology now available. Get in and tell them what you have been doing and why you left your previous roles. If you don’t get hold of the potential employer or recruiter, email them for a time to call them. You need that opportunity to speak to them. Find them on LinkedIn do some research and message them through a social media network. You can do all these without the resume initially. Action does speak louder than a resume. You will still require a resume but don’t just flick and hope someone responds. Tell them about you before they read about you.

Once you land a meeting yes I call them meetings not interviews. This is your best opportunity to sell yourself and tell them WHY you. Don’t take along a Resume to the meeting it will be only a distraction. Have something interesting to talk about that sets you apart from the other candidates. You’ll be a refreshing change for the interviewers.

John Assunto
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