Recruiters: A Secret Weapon for Getting More Done

Fellow recruiters; a secret weapon for you.

It’ll use your brain in a completely new way, and change your whole approach to planning and execution.

It probably isn’t a technique you’re going to learn on a sales course.

Written in it’s simplest form, it’s kinda crap.

And it needs a little hack (that I’ll show you) to be of any use whatsoever.


It absolutely has the potential to transform your billings.

And your life.


Here it is.

In all it’s beauty.


Execute. Better. Plans. 

The Tyranny of Planning. I hate planning.

It’s inefficient.

I hate planning because most of it involves writing out phone calls. And most of our calls don’t connect.

So 80% of your time spent planning is wasted. But 100% of your time spent planning is necessary.

You’ve probably worked out why already.

But here’s why anyway.

For the laggards.


Because you don’t know which 20% is effective until you’ve done it.

Planning isn’t the secret, though.

“Execute better plans” is the secret. You need all three of those words.

Every call you don’t make has a 0% chance of being successful. 

Remember that.

So you need to DO more. Planning better just helps with that.

Nuts and Bolts: The Little Hack That Makes It All WorkHere’s the little hack that magically makes everything work.

It’s like a lever and prop. You can use it to move mountains.

It’s called if / then planning. 

Even if you’ve heard of it, carry on reading. Because if you’re reading this now, the odds are you aren’t using it.

If then planning is easy.

If x, then y.


Four words.

If / Then Planning versus Crappy Normal Planning We’ve not evolved to prearrange to run away from a tiger at 6pm. I haven’t, anyway.

That’s how we normally plan, though.

4pm: Plan for tomorrow. 1hr.

5pm: Callbacks. 1hr.

6pm: Run away from tiger. 1hr (hopefully less).


Our mind plans like this; IF I see a tiger shaped creature lurking in the bushes, licking it’s lips and sharpening a steak knife, THEN I will make a loud ‘BOO’ sound and run away as fast as my feet will carry me.

[In practice, and to the untrained eye, it looks like this: OHMYCHRISTBOOOAAhhhhh!]

Then you either get eaten or don’t.

If your day is anything like mine used to be, then you plan like this:

  • 4pm: Plan for tomorrow. 1hr.
  • 5pm: Callbacks. 1hr.

And then it look like this:


You plan, and then life happens and you don’t execute. And then you stop planning. Because 0% of unmade calls are successful. And that’s a mighty waste of time every day.

If / then planning isn’t solely applicable to avoiding wild animals, though.

It works for recruitment, too.

If it is four PM, then I will plan is an acceptible application.

IF I have just arrived at the office, THEN I will crank out five calls. That works too.

Using if / then planning will change how you think. You’re using the existing architecture of your brain. You’re not squarepeg-roundholing, as someone eloquently put to me the other day.

Changing how you think will change how you act.

Changing how you act will change where you end up.

In recruitment.

In life.

In everything.


Here’s to if / then planning, and executing better plans. 

Jeremy Pierce recruits interims for food and drink manufacturers. He’s pretty good at it. 

Nobody really put ‘squarepeg-roundholing’ to him the other day. There is a lesson there, though. 

Absolute skepticism around the phrase ‘the other day’.

This was inspired (or, more accurately, brutally plagarised and repurposed) from / byHeidi Grant Halvorson’s excellent 9 Things Successful People do Differently. 

I’d recommend you buy it. 

John Assunto

Originally Posted On Linked In By:  Jeremy Pierce


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