Recruiter’s Secret #1 – Listen, Hard

Have you ever known a super smart, savvy, ambitious person who was under employed? My diagnosis of this hard-charging type not living up to his career potential is simple. He’s probably a bad listener.

Example: I once worked on a search where relocation was NOT offered. Explicitly. Emphatically. Not happening! I told candidates about this critical fact up front, and yet there was “that guy”. (There’s always that guy, right?)

Conversation – That Guy: “So, Lynnae, you can see that I’m imminently qualified for this role” Me: “You might be pretty good, but the job is in a different city than the one where you currently live and the client is not offering relo.” That Guy: “Well, this job would require me to move, so of course I’d need a relo package.” Me: “I told you that my client is not offering relo for this position.” That Guy: “Well, that is very short-sighted of them. I’m imminently qualified for this job, and they should offer a relo package.” Huh?

Let’s break this down. This candidate didn’t listen, or didn’t process, what I was saying. My impression from our interaction was that he, a) didn’t believe me, b) didn’t respect that I indeed had accurate information, or c) that his personality wasn’t his best trait. And what do you think I did with him?

For most of us, listening takes work. It takes patience. Sometimes I’m not very good at it, but I try. When I find myself reaching for my email while I’m on a call, looking at my watch when I’m in a meeting, or doing any of the other things I do when I’m not listening (and not respecting the speaker), I bring myself back to right here, right now.

Try it this week. You might be surprised at what you learn.

Happy Hunting!

John Assunto
Originally Posted On Linked In By:  Lynnae Miller 


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