Best Hiring Practices

Comfortability is very important when hiring someone new to your company. Will you feel comfortable in knowing that you can ask them to do things for you? Most jobs require you to be independent from your employer, but they still want to be comfortable doing the administrative work around you.

Knowing who makes them comfortable, if you get accustom to hiring people. You will have a way about doing it. Like Harvard and the Ivy league schools. Saying No is a big requirement of any industry. This means that hiring managers have trained themselves to act certain ways based on their personality and what the personality of the people they normally hire have. If you get along with someone, you probably have worked with this person before. A gut feeling on whether you can work well or not with people is only really made when you have time to spend with this person.

A big reason why resumes and cover letters are important in certain kinds of jobs is because of the work you are actually planning on doing for the person. A lot of work these days can be written or recorded. It can be viewed, edited or graded. But managers usually spend time in front of that kind of work. You can get by at work with out seeing your manager. As long as you give them something to think about. Whether this be inventory, your health inspection for the year or how ever much frequency you are required to stay up to par.

Sometimes you know that the work is going to get done whether you hire this person or not. But work has not been so much fun lately and you just want to see him once a day to brighten your spirit. He does that with everyone but you like it too. Most managers would think that you would only brown nose the boss. The boss would see it as your only way to benefit in the company to brown nose the boss. But if everyone likes working with you. Everyone will perform better. Or if everyone does not like you, that might convince the party to compete harder. Either way, you can use both of those situations to your advantage if you have a mind about you.

In Kansas City, they have a place called the Plaza, in which I applied to every store personally and got no job. I DID get to go to all those places afterwards and eat as a customer. There is something about turning people down that makes people think they have the upper hand. You go back into the restaurant or whatever the place is and they want to prove to you why they turned you down. They will make the drinks better than you (after all, they are the ones with the job, not you), and that is great because you want a well made drink. They will make the food really good, because they want to show off.

If you apply to places that you may shop at, people also do not believe you to be a returning customer at first. If they are looking to hire you, they will consciously try and decide if they would want you around them for hours on end. That trains the store to know who you are. But they turned you down and you are now just hanging out with them. As long as you have money to give them, you are their boss. They are trying extra hard, they make the food and drinks better and you get to go whenever you want. They do not make you hang around for long periods of time. Time is still in your control and you have access to really good service everywhere!

John Assunto
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