Recruiters! The First Thing You Need To Read Today

I see so much advice here from seasoned veterans about the interviewing and hiring process, I thought it was time to give something back. I’ve worked a lot with you in the recent weeks and have some information that you may know already, but from what I’ve seen, bears repeating:

1) Meet me for coffee at Starbucks…yes, do not bring me back to your office. Just like you will be checking me for shined shoes and clipped fingernails, I’m looking around your office…and if I see unhappy people pretty much doing nothing but looking at the clock, I’ve learned way more than you want me to know even before the interview starts.

2) You cannot imagine how many of my friends look at their phone buzzing and say ‘yeah, it’s another recruiter’…and they are not bragging, they are being annoyed..why? Because the common knowledge among IT folk is that recruiters don’t have the good jobs. They see evidence of it when they see placements coming in and getting stuck on the help desk for a year. Call with jobs, not, I have a few ideas I’m kicking around…we already know what that means….the boss said..start making some calls.

3) We meet and what you are really after is info about the management and hiring contact info about my last job. What you’re probably going to get is “yes, my old boss really only respects persistence. If you only call a few times, he thinks you aren’t really serious. And if you really want an inside track, call him right before it’s time to go home, that’s the time of day he sets aside to talk with recruiters”.

I’m sure there are some awesome recruiters out there. I’m sure I’ve met some of them. What I’m way less convinced of, is that they have anything for me. From what I’m reading in the newspaper about the unemployment rate, my thinking is that we are entering that phase, where in the real estate world, nobody was using realtors, they were just sticking “For Sale By Owner” in the front yard for a minute. I think it is possible that out of work people may be starting to be less desperate and less willing to work temp and no benefit jobs. That alone would explain the office atmosphere I witnessed the other day.

Talk to me, but bring your A game…

Originally Posted on Linked In By: Ed Perkins

John Assunto


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