Dear Admissions Professional,

As you enjoy the month of May and begin to prepare for the next cycle, I’d like to pose a question for you to consider:

How do you measure and evaluate prospective student experiences?

It is no secret that we are in the midst of an enrollment management revolution. Sadly, gone are the days that colleges and universities can fill seats by simply letting the students come to them, or so I’ve read. Not to mention, the stakes are higher than ever – gaining a student is no longer seen as a “4-year revenue stream” but rather the beginning of a lifelong relationship with infinite potential.

To compound this even further, new technology is rapidly expanding the ways in which a prospective student now interacts with an institution, and ultimately decides where to attend. Whether it be through online means – website, live chat, virtual tour, social media, submitting an inquiry – or offline – campus visits, open houses, phone calls, mailers – every single interaction affects this decision process.

So I’ll ask again, how do you measure and evaluate prospective student experiences?

If you use survey data, then good! That is certainly a strong place to start. Surveying your prospective students will give you a real sense of how they are feeling throughout the process. What did you like/dislike? Are you more/less likely to apply because of this experience? You get the idea. Take the aggregate of all this data and that will leave you with a pile of subjective opinions, that definitely matter, but often reflect the most extreme positions. It is common knowledge that most people who take time to fill out a survey are either your very satisfied customers or upset about something. But ironically, the middle segment is what decision-makers are really after.

Which leads me to CampusFeedback. We believe that “what gets measured gets done” and our team has been measuring customer service experiences for 16 years now, for hundreds of clients across many different industries. Originally starting under the nameGoodwin Hospitality and partnering with restaurant clients around the world has allowed us to develop a strong infrastructure and platform of services that translates seamlessly into higher education.

CampusFeedback’s specialty is our admissions mystery shopper program, which benefits admissions leaders, such as yourself, in the following ways:

  • Objective, unbiased, ongoing feedback
  • Fully customizable templates (ask any question you want!)
  • Adjustable volume/frequency to meet any budget
  • Introduce new prospective students to your school (the shoppers)
  • Customizable reporting and analytics on the back end


Give us a call and we would be happy to explain further, as well as walk you through some of the flexible options we have available. We look forward to partnering with you to proactively attack the enrollment challenges of the present and future.

Originally posted on Linked IN by:Kurt Eddins

Contact John Assunto for all of your Education Recruiting needs! or 860-387-0503


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