What’s the Secret to Finding Great Talent?


In the interest of saving time, I’ve already answered the question in my headline. You are the secret to finding talent. More specifically, your ability to look past your own biases directly equates to your ability to find and cultivate great talent.

To demonstrate, I’m now going to point out one of my own biases so obvious you probably don’t even notice it: I prefer the written word. (That’s why I’ve managed to write eight gazillion LinkedIn articles.) But – recognizing my bias – I’m now giving you the opportunity to get the rest of this story primarily in pictures:

I’m back, primarily for those of you who also have a bias for the written word.

Here’s the deal… your biases are your own worst enemy. They prevent you from spotting talent because talent often looks like something far outside of your comfort zone:

  • People who dress differently than you
  • “Crazy” people
  • “Boring” people
  • People who can’t speak your language
  • People who can’t sit still, or people who want to sit still for 12 hours at a time
  • People who are impulsive, anal, contradictory, methodical, unorthodox, anti-social, or too social

Don’t do what I just did!

Don’t label people. Don’t reject them because your biases tell you they are inappropriate.

Let’s face facts. Your comfort zone is probably far smaller than the space in which some of Earth’s most talented people operate.

By the way, I hope this doesn’t sound like I am being overly critical of YOU.

Everyone – myself included – has biases. Sometimes I am shocked by the things the voice in my head says. 99% of the time, my conscious thought overrules such thoughts, but deep inside, they are there. That overly-judgmental voice is the owner of such biases, and unless you and I constantly fight it, that voice creates blind spots that prevent us from bringing out talent in others.

Fight your biases, every… single… day.

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Originally posed on Linked IN by:Bruce Kasanoff

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