What Attracted Me To My New Job

Just a few months ago, I decided to leave the only job I’ve ever really had.

For almost nine years, I worked at Business Insider, but in February I decided to join CNBC to lead its digital editorial operations.

With LinkedIn releasing its new list of the most attractive employers in the world, I thought I would talk about what attracted me to a new company.

It was a big decision! I was happy at Business Insider. I love the people there. CEO Henry Blodget treated me well.

So, what attracted me to a new job?

CNBC is the preeminent brand in business news. If you’re interested in business journalism (and I am!) it’s hard to say no to the organization that’s first in business worldwide. Every major decision maker in the business world appears on, and watches CNBC. That’s an attractive opportunity for someone in the media business.

I was also attracted to the leadership group at CNBC. Chairman Mark Hoffman impressed me in the interview process, and I thought I would learn a lot from him. Same goes for Editor-in-Chief Nik Deogun, and all the other great people at CNBC.

But, even more importantly, I asked myself one question: Over the next few years, would I learn more at CNBC, or Business Insider?

The answer came back, over and over, that I would learn more at CNBC.

The number one trend in the digital media business is the rise of video. BuzzFeed has heavily emphasized video. Mashable has pivoted to focus on video. Vice, the world’s most valuable media upstart, now runs a cable network. At Business Insider, we were heavily focusing on video projects.

While digital media companies seek to gain video expertise, TV networks have that expertise. Not only that, CNBC is part of a bigger media organization, NBC Universal, which does all sorts of fantastic news, entertainment programming, and films.

The ability work at a media company with deep knowledge of a part of the industry I didn’t know anything about was too great for me to pass up.

For an even better story about moving from place to place check out this interview with an engineer that has worked at Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Adobe.

Originally posted on Linked IN by: Jay Yarow

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