9 Reasons why counter offers NEVER work

For anyone that has ever decided to move jobs, you will know that it’s a ‘pretty big deal’. One of the most stressful things that you can go through in your life, in fact it’s right up there with a house move and divorce amongst other things.

However, anyone who has ever been unhappy in work will know how much of a negative impact it has over your whole life, and I’m not just talking in the office. Being in a job you hate will make you feel stressed out, over worked and exhausted. People who are unhappy in their job almost always take it home (for the very small amount of time they spend there). You may well find yourself being short tempered, arguing with loved ones, cancelling social events, prioritizing work over family time and generally being in a constant state of what can only be described as borderline depression.

Deciding to move on is a big step and not one that anyone that I have ever spoken to takes lightly. There is a lot at stake and a lot to consider. Going through an interview process when you are already in work is almost a full time job within itself, It requires a lot of work and preparation. Which will undoubtedly take over not only your evenings but also your weekends. There are a million and one reasons why someone might want to leave their current company: a change in process, location, territory, financials even a personality clash with management. Over the years I have heard many weird, wonderful and downright gob smacking reasons as to why candidates that I have helped ‘wanted out’.


The burning question is, what has happened to make you even think about moving, there must have a poignant incident or a combination of a lot of things that have tipped you over the edge, and from my 10 years experience its very rarely just money.


Regardless how much you might hate your job, leaving what you know and trust is not easy, and the temptation to take the easy/ safe bet is pretty high.


Lots of candidates that I work with (in some instances much to their surprise) who hand their notices in are quite often counter offered.  Your employer may well offer more money, better conditions, some are ‘promised’ literally the earth! Problem solved! Stay where you are, be happy or is it…? Will you really be…?


9 reasons why you should never accept a counter offer


1. Firstly the facts speak for themselves. 90% of candidates who stay after a counter offer leave, I’d hazard a guess that the remaining 10% are not necessarily happy either, the likelihood is that they are stuck in ground hog day.


2. Why are you worth £4,000 more today than you were yesterday? – If your employer offers you more money, this is literally them admitting  that they have been underpaying you and exploiting your loyalty. Ask yourself why are you worth more today than you were yesterday? They know that they have been under cutting your wages, and that other companies are paying their employees more money to do the same job as you. Do you really want to stay and work for some one who sees you as a cheap option?


3. You are not valued by your employer – How valued are you if you have been pushed to the point of resigning before your employer will make changes to make your job bearable?! How many times have you asked them to help or intimated that you were unhappy? If your employer took that little notice in you that they didn’t even realise that you were unhappy, ask yourself is that the type of manager that you are happy being responsible and in control of your well-being and happiness?


4. Will your loyalty to the company and to your colleagues ever be truly seen in the same light again? –  Going in to the boardroom with your manager is going to rouse serious suspicion, its inevitable that people are going to find out. You wanted to leave once, you will continually be under suspicion that you are going to do it again. If you have a dentist appointment, call in sick, even if you are late in the office, you will constantly be scrutinised 10 times more than any other employees. Everyone will assume that you are interviewing elsewhere.


5. When promotion time comes around, your employer will remember who was loyal and who was not – Once you have gone to resign it will never be forgotten, if there is a role that you really want or a transfer it could be likely that your employer would offer this to another colleague of yours, even if they are not as qualified, experienced, or as good a fit as you are for it. How far can you really progress after your employer knows that you want to leave?


6. Your company may immediately start looking for a new person at a cheaper price – This of course is not a given and does not happen every time, however in my personal experience many candidates that have accepted a counter offer have called me months later after they have been let go.  In some cases, they have even been unwittingly training their replacement.


7. You have now made your employer aware that you are unhappy –  From this day on your loyalty will always be in question. This is a fact, as with anything once the seed has been planted it is near on impossible to undo.


8. What’s really changed? – In most instances nothing, more money won’t make your commute any less, working 1 day from home won’t change the fact that you’re still underpaid, letting you work less hours wont improve your relationship with your boss. Ask yourself the real reasons as to why you wanted to leave in the first place, will anything really change…?

9. They don’t respect you like you or value you anymore –  In fact even less so, some managers will offer a counter offer just because it’s just cheaper and less hassle than replacing you, is this really the kind of environment you want to be working in?


So ask yourself, are you going to  stay and fail or move on and be a success? Accepting a counter offer is tempting, it’s the easy option and the safe bet, but is it the best option for you and your career progression…?

Originally posted on Linked IN by: Sarah Socha

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